install screen
sudo apt-get install screen
start screen
start screen with command (if already in screen => separate process)
screen -m [cmd]
start screen with title title
screen -t [title]
re-attach screen session
screen -r
start screen in detached mode
screen -d
tells screen to turn on automatic output logging for the windows.
screen -L

inside screen

ctrl-a ?
detach screen from terminal
Ctrl+a d


set window title
ctrl-a A
window info
ctrl-a N
ctrl-a i
ctrl-a ctrl-i
Select window to open
ctrl-a '
ctrl-a "
create new window
ctrl-a c
ctrl-a ctrl-c
next window
ctrl-a space
ctrl-a n
ctrl-a ctrl-n
previous window
ctrl-a backspace
ctrl-a h
ctrl-a p
select window by number
ctrl-a 0
ctrl-a 1


horizontal split
ctrl+a S
vertical split
ctrl+a |
select next region
ctrl+a tab
remove region
Ctrl+a X
ctrl+a :remove
resize region
ctrl+a :resize


log window contents
ctrl-a h
activate / deactivate log for current window
ctrl-a H


screen config file
remove the keybinding for ctrl-a x
bind x
remove the keybinding for ctrl-a ctrl-x
bind ^x
replace lock screen binding with remove window (panel)
bind x remove
bind ^x remove