config file (all vims)
config file (gvim only)
disable plugin for highlighting matching parenthesis
:let loaded_matchparen = 0
disable highlighting matching parenthesis after plugin has been loaded
show line numbers
:set number
case insensitive searching
:set ignorecase
case insensitive unless any caps in query
:set smartcase
highlighting enabled
:syntax on
highlight matches as you type
:set incsearch
highlight search matches
:set hlsearch
turn of search highlighting (current search)
turn of search highlighting (permanently)
:set nohlsearch
show incomplete commands in lower right
:set showcmd
show multiple matches on tab completion
:set wildmenu
tabs are [n] spaces
:set tabstop=[n]
indent with [n] spaces per level
:set shiftwidth=[n]
backspace and space wrap line endings (normal mode)
:set whichwrap=b,s
left and right keys wrap line endings (normal mode)
:set whichwrap=<,>
left and right keys wrap line endings (insert mode)
:set whichwrap=[,]
display tabs and trailing whitespace with custom characters
:set listchars=tab:>-,trail:-
wrap long lines
:set wrap
do no wrap long lines
:set nowrap
do not create backup file
:set nobackup
do not create swap files
set noswapfile
don't create un~ files
set noundofile
don't auto indent whitespace
filetype indent off
do not show toolbar (gvim)
:set guioptions-=T
set path to open file as terminal title
:set title
write files back to disk before running commands
:set autowrite
select colorscheme
:colorscheme torte
open new horizontal splits below open current
:set splitbelow
open new vertical splits on the right side
:set splitright
font selector
:set guifont=*
get current font string
:set gfn?
set font
:set guifont=courier
set font and size (gvim linux)
:set guifont=courier\ 16
:set guifont=Ubuntu\ Mono\ 12